== &nbsp When I first got inspired!==


June 18th it was when I walked in on my sisters bedroom and looked at them and said "What's this?" ........... "Twilight" was my answer.

I herd about Twilight, but i never got the chance to see it, but this as my chance. After being so tired after a long day of summer school i decided to go to sleep and wake up that night to watch it.

After watching it, I was amazed, inspired that I was very lucky my mom had New Moon in the house, I think it was 1 am in the morning I had to watch the sequel.

I been so obessed my mom bought me everything twilight! My aunt took us to go see Eclipse on the 30th. I researched answers because I had questions and I learned things I didn't know. WhenI found out they had the book, I knew true Twi Hards read the books, so my mom bought me them, one by one, the two last ones was The short second life of Bree Tanner and The Illustraded Guide. I read all of them between 3-5 days except Breaking Daw, which took me 12 days. and ever since i've been obessed :)

~Daysha Marie Dawn

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