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Hey guys so it's me, Teamcullen. Anyway I won't be much on the Twilight Saga Wiki cause our internet at home is off. See our telephone's broken (something wrong with the cabling and while the people trying to fix it tampered with the water pipes which burst and the electrical cables which meant our whole area's water went off for a while and a few houses including ours' electricity went off for a while (uuuuuurggggggh i had to bath in cold water!)) so now they have to fix the electricity and water first before they can fix the phones because people need electricity and water more than phones and it's only our street which phones are off! So to the people who leave me comments and mesages it will take a long time for me to reply to them cause in the weekends i go to my dad's office to come onto the internet so yeah too bad for me huh.

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