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Aren't you going to miss the Twilight Saga?

Aren't you going to miss the Twilight Saga after Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2? I just heard the film adaption of The Host is coming out in 2013. That really made me think "I'm really, really going to miss the Twilight Saga", I mean it was the best movie franchise ever! I don't know what my life would be without it. I'm really going to miss the characters and the actors. I must say I'll miss everyone even Victoria and Laurent, even the Volturi, Bella and Edward, the werewolves and Jessica, Mike, Angela and Eric, Forks High School, the whole Cullen family mostly Esme, Renee and Charlie, I'll even miss Bella and Edward's meadow. I'll miss everything about the Twilight Saga even Jacob's home where Bella first discovered he was a werewolf. Everything! Will you miss it? Please comment and tell me what or who you'll miss about the Twilight Saga. I'll miss everything. Now I feel like crying!

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