Chapter 2

I woke up later that day to laughter in the living room. What could be so funny? I rolled my eyes, as I walked down the stairs into the living room. Edward and that kid off the reservation were stil here, so I tried to fake a smile for Bella's sake. After all, He was her best friend. I sat down on the love seat next to Uncle Charlie, frowning as my head started to hurt all of a sudden. Ugh! I had been getting those things for weeks now. Bella looked up at me and smiled.

"Oh, Nurral. This is Jacob Black. He's off the reservation down by the beach. La Push. I bet he could show you around town," Bella said, introducing us. Then it hit me. Oh yeah. We used to play together when we were kids, before I moved. I smiled at my long lost friend. He was staring at me for some weird reason though.

"Nice to see you again, Nurral. It has been a while," He said, smiling. I smiled back. When did he get so BIG?

"Ten years to be exact," I answered back to him. He laughed, as I smiled, realizing how much I had missed him over the past decade. So much had happened between then and now.

"So what have you been up to?" Jacob asked me. I knew that question was coming somehow, so I told him everything. He smiled and frowned at all the right places, showing a look of concern when I reached the part about my father dying of cancer. But when I told him about my stalker and how that was the reason I came back to forks, his eyebrows burrowed.

"Hey, Charlie , can you give the four of us some privacy?" He asked my uncle. We gave Jacob a look of confusion, as he left the room. Edward was holding Bella close to him, so I figured that this wasn't good. Jacob looked at Edward, who nodded. Jacob turned to me.

"Can you describe him?" He asked me, looking concerned. I gave the three of them a look.

"She, actually. Firey red hair same pale skin as Edward..." Bella went white in the face as I finished describing my stalker.

"Victoria." She said, her voice breaking. Edward tighted his grip on Bella, while Jacob held me close. I looked at him in shock, but I liked it. It made me feel safe. Even thoguh I was still confused about what was going on.

"Victoria is a vampire, and not a nice one" Bella explained softly Edward gave her a look of shock. "She was going to find out eventually. It's obivious Jacob has imprinted on her." Edward sighed as he stood up. I gave Bella a look, then turned to Jacob.

"What is she talking about?" I asked him. He took a deep breath.