• Denabella

    Chapter 2

    I woke up later that day to laughter in the living room. What could be so funny? I rolled my eyes, as I walked down the stairs into the living room. Edward and that kid off the reservation were stil here, so I tried to fake a smile for Bella's sake. After all, He was her best friend. I sat down on the love seat next to Uncle Charlie, frowning as my head started to hurt all of a sudden. Ugh! I had been getting those things for weeks now. Bella looked up at me and smiled.

    "Oh, Nurral. This is Jacob Black. He's off the reservation down by the beach. La Push. I bet he could show you around town," Bella said, introducing us. Then it hit me. Oh yeah. We used to play together when we were kids, before I moved. I smiled at my long lost fri…

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  • Denabella

    (Note to readers: Nurral is my own character I am using for this. History: She is Bella's cousin on her dad's side. She just moved to Forks to get out of Houston and away from the dangers that were lurking her there. This is taking place during Eclipse, and Nurral finds herself in the middle of the fight, too. Being human, She can't believe what's happening. Here is her story.)

    Chapter 1

    It had been years since I had seen my hometown of Forks, Washington. So when My mom found out I was going back, she called Uncle Charlie to pick me up in Port Angeles. I rolled my eyes at her. I was 18. I could take care of myself. But Mom being such a worrywart, I agreed, relucdantly. So that was why I was riding in the curiser, my uncle saying that this wa…

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