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November 22, 2009
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    Breaking Dawn Adaptation

    December 10, 2009 by Darth Bruce

    I think several things would have to be done with the Breaking Dawn film in order to make it work. Firs off, it would have to be done as two movies, something which Summit is already considering. It would be needed to cover the entire scope of the book, which should have been two books anyway. I think an R rating, which I'm aware SM won't go for, is absolutely necessary in order to truly capture the intensity of the book. Also, I think they need to smooth out the Jacob/Renesmee relationship, and make it seem less pedophilic than it comes across in the book. Finally, they should actually have Cullen and friends actually battle with the Volturi Guard, in the movie as that was the major let down of the book for me. They should do something li…

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  • Darth Bruce

    I feel that New Moon is a vast improvement over Twilight. A lot more happens over the course of the film, and it kept my interest all the way through. Once again, the soundtrack was excellent, with not one single dull or out of place tune on it. As far as acting goes, I was particularly impressed by Lautner, fanning, and Sheen. They seemed like they really put forth the effort in bringing their characters to the screen. I also think that Stewart's acting has improved since the first film, bringing more of the realism of the character (which I enjoyed in the book) to her performance.

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