(this is a story about me and my bff being in twilight)

Chapter 1

One day me and Rhiana, my best friend, were walking home, from school. When whoosh something span past us then it went past us again. Then something bit us. That’s when it begun. That’s when the pain begun. We screamed out in pain. The pain was horrible. We screamed and screamed.

Then two cool pairs of hands picked us up and they started to run, this was no ordinary speed, this was faster than lightning. I looked up and saw Edward Cullen, he had bronze coloured hair, he was chalky pale, he had dark eyes and dark shadows under his eyes – purplish, bruise like shadows. As if he was suffering from a sleepless nights or almost done recovering from a broken nose. Though his nose, all his features, were perfect. He was my sister’s ex-boyfriend. We were at his home now. He put me down and then I slapped him and ran.

Rhiana and Alice sprinted after me. Me and Rhiana were bffs since we were born and we both had the same birthday, we were like sisters.

“Daisy stop!” they screamed at me

“No!” I shouted back

“Daisy stop! I want to talk to you!” Rhiana told me

I slid to a stop and spun around to see Rhiana and Alice behind me

“Why did you run?” Alice asked

“Its Edward” I told her “He was my sisters ex-boyfriend after he cheated on her.”

“Oh.” Alice said confused

“It’s true.” I heard Rhiana tell Alice

“After she found out she killed herself. She was all we had.”

“What do you mean by ‘all we had’” Alice asked

“When we were 5 our mothers died Amie who was my older sister looked after us till she met Edward and he cheated on her, broke her heart and she killed herself.”

Then Alice scooped me up and carried me back to their house. She stormed in to the house and attacked Edward. “Get off me Alice.”Edward told her “no”she told him “Alice stop.” I told her she looked at me as if I was weird and then she saw why I told her to stop........

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