Chapter 2

It had been two weeks sins we had came here. We had explained to Edward why Alice attacked him and now he’s went crazy trying to make up for it and he told us It was a miss understanding. He has even gave us his piano room after moving his piano up to his room. He was spoiling us rotten.

Our room was split in two by a big certain. My half had black walls with a red sofa with black cushions and a white dresser, my bed was in a hole in the floor. It was so cool.

“Daisy are you ready?” Em asked me

“yep” I shouted. Me and Emmett loved doing pranks and tonight was Halloween so we were going to play pranks everyone. Then Alice and rose came running in and told me off. Rose was like my mom more than esme. I still loved esme but rose was my mom. Rose all so thought of me as her darter . Rhiana is all ways in her room and she doesn’t really talk to anyone but me.

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