Hi guys, I was thinking, as it's the new year, that we should give out awards to all of the dedicated twi-hards. Here are the categories:

The most dedicated fans

The most intelligent fans (with Twilight knowledge)

The most helpful fans

The luckiest fans

New but loyal fans

The biggest fans on Twitter

The biggest Twilight fans (book and film)

The biggest New Moon fans (book and film)

The biggest Eclipse fans (book and film)

The biggest Breaking Dawn fans (book and films)

The biggest vampire fans

The biggest wolf fans

The biggest Volturi lovers

The biggest Denali lovers

The biggest Team Bella fans

The biggest Team Edward fans

The biggest Team Jacob fans

The biggest Alice fans

The biggest Jasper fans

The biggest Rosalie fans

The biggest Emmett fans

The biggest Carlisle fans

The biggest Esme fans

The biggest Aro fans

The biggest Jane fans

The biggest overall fans

If there is anyone else who deserves an award but doesn't fit into a certain category then tell me who they are and why and they may be able to get a 'Twilight fan' award.

You can tell me who you are nominating via this post or my twitter (@DaisySibuna). You may vote as many times as you like but you can't vote for yourself. There will be one winner from each category. For 'The biggest overall fans' there will be a winner and 2 runners up. The results will be revealed on Saturday 12th January 2013 at 7pm UK time.

You can vote for anyone who has a wiki account or a twitter account. You can vote for me if you like, I promise I won't change the voting numbers in anyones favour.

Thanks, from Daisy x

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