FOOKIN EDWARD: he is a complete douche who doesnt know how to let bella do what she wants. she cpuld be a strong independant woman, buuut nooooo, edward doesnt want her doing anything. she ahs to stay "safe." no you cant ride a motorcycle bella, edward says so. no you cant go cliff diving bellla, edward says so. fook you edward. fook you.

EFFING JACOB: ok, i admit, he is better than edward, but he still has some hold over bella. he gets a motorcycle, forgetting that she is accident prone, and just lets her ride it whenever. he aso says he will take her cliff diving, at some point, but bella is impatient. so she just goes by herself, and nearly dies, becasue jacob didnt teach her how to do it properly. eff jacob

MOTHERTRUCKIN BELLA: so this is going to be a long paragraph. bella never got a fight scene. bella never did anything on her own, besides getting nearly killed. she chose edward, which was a stupid mive. at least with jacob, she couldve gotten to do some stuff, and she wouldve stayed human. buuuuut nooooo, she had to go with the control freak and become a ookin vampire. while i admit, alice wasnt so bad, bella couldve still have been friends with them, and married jacob instead. just think, werewolf babies instead of just one vampire baby. because of everyone else, bella couldnt fight her way out of a paper bag. effing frans is a better love story than bella and edward. perico is a better love story. EVERYTHING IS A BETTER LOVE STORY!!

Ok, I have to admit, Steph is a great author. She is the kind of writer that can drag you into a story, and you will read till the end. Her other book, The Host, wasawesome. I just wish that tehre had been some sort of fight for Bella. Please don't hate me, Twilight Fans.