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May 8, 2010
  • Cullenlover1

    Eclipse rating

    May 14, 2010 by Cullenlover1

    Eclipse has offically been rated PG-13!!!!!!! It has this rating because of the violence and other scenes!!!!! But yay!!!!!!!it's rated PG-13!!!!!!!!who agrees

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  • Cullenlover1

    Who's ready for eclipse!!!!!!! It's soooooo close!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!! Who agrees with me!!!!! Ima watch eclipse at midnight and already have my tickets!!!!!!! Go eclipse!!!!! Can't wait

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  • Cullenlover1

    The twilight saga in my opinion are the best books ever written. These books twilight newoom eclipse and breaking dawn have a little bit of everthing. From romace between Edward and bella to action in the fighting parts with victoria and the almost fights with the volturi. There is a little comedy if you pay attention to what is accually going on . These books have a variety of genres to choice from. These books are also great for both girls and guys. Many people say that these great books are only for girls but they are not they are for both girls and guys. I know reading is not always the funnest thing but these books are worth reading!!!!!!!! Who agrees????

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