• CullenLoverForever17

    Do you think that

    Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black)

    Would be a bettet dancer?

    Or do you think

    Boo Boo Steware (Seth Clearwater)

    Would be a better dancer?

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  • CullenLoverForever17

    Hey i wanted to know who liked my story event though it was olney the 1st chapter? If you did like it then would you tell me. Also if you want me to put up a nother chapter. :)


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  • CullenLoverForever17

    1. What is it?

    One day i woke up and everything was wrong. You where gone.

    It was a Sunny morrning. The flowars where waking up with me. But i was just thinking where did he go. I fell asleep in his arms last night. Did he bring me to my room? When i walked to the big house with all the windos. I seen him. I was so heppy that i ran up to him and yelled "Jacob, Jacob, Jacob." He was talking to Seth. He seemed upset about somthing. He looked at me sad and mad at first. Then he seen who i was and was happy with a huge Jacob grin on his face. He picked me up and spun me in his arms. "Good morrning sweet heart." He said happy. I was still wanted to know why he was upset. So i put my heand on his cheek. He looked at me and said. "Renesmee, its not…

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  • CullenLoverForever17

    Aro: I'm bord

    Carlisle: How can you be bord? You have a ipod, laptop, DSi, pap, ps3, xbox360 and a phone right there.

    Aro: I dont know. I just am.

    Carlisle: You know wolfs can run fast.

    Aro: ( Looks at Carlisle funny) How would you know that?

    Carlisle: (Looking for somthing to say) Google

    Aro: Googl?

    Carlisle: Yea you neve heard of google?

    Aro: No.

    Carlisle: Wow look it up sometime.

    Aro: How?

    Carlisle: Use the laptop. Just go to then you can look up anythink.

    Aro: How do you tirn on the laptop?

    Carlisle: Wow. How long have you been alive?

    Aro: Umm... I lost count. I think since 1300.

    Carlisle: Wow. ( He tirns on the lapsop and then walks out of the room.)

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  • CullenLoverForever17

    okay so out of the girls who would you wanna date?







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