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this is where I live


this is where I live, and this was my school and yeah I live on an Island.

This is where I used to go to

  • Pre-school (Prep)
  • Primary school (grade 1-7)
  • High school (grades 8-12)

This is where I live.

Do you wish you lived here.

I live on an Island Called Bribie Island.

It is an awesome holiday spot for people wanting to go on holidays.

I really do hope you will consider coming here.

You are a traveling distance from

  • Brisbane 2 hrs away
  • Gold coast 2 hrs and 30 mins away
  • You are in between the main land and another island called Morten Island and you have another island next to that one Strad Broke.
  • It is kid friendly, there are daycares on the island and local restruants and heaps of beaches to relax and have fun!
This is an awesome place.

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