If you cannot get on facebook today it is just that facebook are fixing the problems on the site. appearnately to the Australian police and this was their statement about "We are going to shut down facebook, because it is leaking young children to pedofiles" do you think it is possible. Facebook is bigger and larger now since over 6,000,000,000 users on it. But there is Twilight Related facebook pages and groups and which I cannot access for the time being. So if you are having trouble going on Facebook. It is just that they are fixing problems.

Would you ever think that the police will shut facebook down.

Do you think it should be shut down.

But who knows?

Facebook could get shut down?

this is my email if you have any quiries about it.

Plus you can add me on facebook all you need it to type in this name: Jessica Anne Cullen-Howe

Plus I am the boss of my own Facebook page called Robert Pattinson. I am also connected to another facebook page that is based on Twilight.

Plus i have a Twilight The Extended Stroy account this is my name Kate Denali.

Here is a video of the The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part One


Here are some pictures from the movie


1. who is your fave character from the Twilight Saga

2. When was Renesmee born?

3. how many vampires were there in Breaking Dawn

4. Carlisle was __________ when he was human?

5. Who designed Bellas wedding dress, wedding?

6. Did Aro say in one of the tv spots "They've got something I want"

Do you like the Twilight Saga

a) Yes

b) No

c) Maybe?

d) Undecided

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