What are your fave Chapters from Breaking Dawn (Book)

Part 1: Bella

  1. Engaged
  2. Long Night
  3. Big Day
  4. Gesture
  5. Isle Esme
  6. Distractions
  7. Unexpected

End of Book One

Part 2 : Jacob

  1. Waiting for the damn fight to start
  2. Sure as hell didn't see that one coming
  3. Why didn't I just walk away? Oh right, because I'm an idiot
  4. The two things at the very top of my things-I-never-want-to-do list
  5. Good thing I've got a strong stomach
  6. You know things are bad when you feel guilty for being rude to vampires
  7. Tick tock tick tock tick tock
  8. Too-much-information alert
  9. What do I look like? The wizard of oz? You need a brain? You need a heart? Go ahead. Take mine. Take everything I have.
  10. There are no words for this

End Of Book Two

Part 3: Bella

  1. Burning
  2. New
  3. First hunt
  4. Promised
  5. Memories
  6. Surprise
  7. Favor
  8. Shiny
  9. Travel Plans
  10. The future
  11. Defection
  12. Irresistible
  13. Talented
  14. Company
  15. Forgery
  16. Declared
  17. Deadline
  18. Bloodlust
  19. Contrivances
  20. Power
  21. The happily ever after

End Of Book Three.

Who is your fave vampire from the list of the vampire index at the end of Breaking Dawn


  • = possesses a quantifiable supernatural talent

- = bonded pair (oldest listed first)

♰ = deceased


The Amazon Coven

Main article: Amazon Coven

The Denali Coven

Main article: Denali Coven

The Egyptian Coven

Main article: Egyptian Coven

The Irish Coven

Main article: Irish Coven

The Olympic Coven

Main article: Olympic Coven

The Romanian Coven

Main article: Romanian Coven

The Volturi

Main article: Volturi Leaders

The Volturi Guard (Partial)

Main article: Volturi Guard

The American Nomads (partial)

Main articles: Nomad, James's Coven, Mexican Coven

The European Nomads (partial)

Main articles: Nomad, Hilda's Coven

The French Coven (film only)

Main article: French Coven

Who is your fave werewolf (Shape-Shifter) out of Breaking Dawn

Jacobs Pack

Sam's Pack

Who is your fave human character!


  1. Who was the one who created the Volturi and what was there purpose?
  2. Did Carlisle spend any time alone once he had created his family?
  3. How many vampires are there in the hole Twilight Saga?

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