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Justin Bieber pulled over by cops (again) in 'Batmobile'

If Justin Bieber was a normal 17-year-old, he would be in such crap with his parents right now.

The Biebs was pulled over by L.A. cops while driving his swanky, Batmobile-inspired Cadillac around town this week, while part of a three car convoy including his own security and friend, Sean Kingston.

According to the Daily Mail The Biebs was pulled over for cutting off a cop car.

Smart move!

And this isn't the first time it's happened, either.

A few months ago, the singer was pulled over while driving a Rolls Royce around Miami, again with rapper Sean Kingston.

These two need to stay away from each other and automobiles!

Lucky for The Biebs, he was let off with a warning.

Third time, not so lucky? Don't let it happen, Justin!

here is the link:

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