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I am looking for admins of my facebook page.

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I am looking for Admins for my Facebook page. If you are interested.

I am looking for five more admins. I need five friend requests, but you'll only have three days to add me and I will accept. But the first two will be put through auditions to half 1 third onwership of this page. I am about to add my sister as my co-onwer. Goodluck. Plus having more admins will be better for the page, because like on this site. There is some admins like TagAlongPam, she or he is making the site look good. But we should all thank the admins for making it look awesome and great. But we should never say anything bad about them. They are only doing their job, if your account gets blocked it is your fault not theirs, plus We should be asking these questions like how are you today and what are the headlines today. *

What is this purpose!!!!!

I need more admins because of my page needs a little bit more work on it. If your interested add me on facebook and I will accept.

My contact Facebook account!!/just.jessica.anne.howe

you can add me and I will accept and you'll have a chance to be in the running to be an admin.

my email!!!!!! if you want to directly talk first before adding me.

Good Luck!

to all applicants good luck!

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