Here’s a new interview with director Bill Condon, where he reveals some interesting details about both Breaking Dawn Part 1 and the current cut of Breaking Dawn Part 2, which is still in post-production:

  • The current runtime (remember, it’s still a year away!) ofBreaking Dawn Part 2 is 1 hours, 52 minutes without credits. This compares to 1 hours and 57 minutes for the final cut ofBreaking Dawn Part 1. Condon started off with a 20 minute longer cut, but has so far decided to take out 20 minutes to make the story sing.
  • He notes there is an easter egg in the credits, somewhere in the middle, not at the end since the credits are so long.
  • For the inital Breaking Dawn DVD and Blu-Ray of Part 1 that comes out in the spring, there won’t be a different cut. But this could change in the future.
  • Bill Condon suggests he was approached to direct previous parts of The Twilight Saga, but he couldn’t fit it in his schedule. He pitched his take on the book directly to Stephenie Meyer and other producers of the Saga.

Overall a very interesting interview! From early word, it sounds like the runtime of Breaking Dawn Part 1 is just right, and it sounds like he’s making Part 2 the best it can be! Here’s an interesting tidbit about Part 2:

Part of what I was turned on by with this whole thing was being Kristen Stewart’s collaborator as she now steps through the looking glass and becomes a vampire. You’ve watched these vampires from a distance. It’s only been her point of view. Now she is one. She—-we are vampires. It’s seeing the world through the eyes of vampires as imagined by Stephenie Meyer.

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