She once lived a human life as a slave to the Russian Royality back in 1213-1217. Until she met this this women while she was shopping for them kitchen at the caslte of where she worked and lived. But every night she was sent into town one day and she was attacked and then left to die in the streets and was found by Sancar. She carried her for miles. Then when she thought it was safe enough to bite her, she did. She was changed at the mear age of 17.

Vampire life:

Ever since she was changed into a vampire in the year of 1217, she had lived a nomadic life and feeding off humans until she got sick of it. She eventaully found the Cullen's in Forks in 2011. She asked if she can live with them and is an offical memeber of the Cullens. She is finally happy in her life and is currently living with the Cullens to this day.

Phyiscal Apperance

She has topaz coloured eyes and she has long ashy blonde hair like her sister Rosalie and she has a slender body with curves and has pale skin with lips like Bella, noes like Esme, and eye shape like Alice and a jaw line like Rosalie. But she 165 cm's tall.


She has all the normal vampire abilities like for example super human speed, beauty and Strength. But she is the second fastest in the family. She is ones of the super naturally gifted children of Carlisle Cullen and Esme Cullen.


She can manipulate the weather with her thoughts she can change the weather suited for her family to live in, like she can go to school with her family, without the trouble of been seen as different. For example the Cullen's perfer to live in towns that are always rainy like 90% of the time.


She is the adpotive daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen and the Adoptive sister of Edward, Bella, Alice and Emmett Cullen and as well to Rosalie and Jasper Hale. She is the adoptive aunt of Renesmee Cullen.

Carlisle Cullen and Esme Cullen

She is the adoptive daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. They were very accepting to her, they had open arms and they have never looked back ever since.

Edward Cullen, Renesmee Cullen and Bella Cullen

She is the adoptive sister of Edward and Bella Cullen. They were kind of concerned for Renesmee's safety. But they accepted her with open arms and Renesmee loves her new aunt.

Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale

Like Edward, Bella, Carlisle and Esme they were accepting and are liking their new sister and Alice thinks of it as another person she has to dress and she likes it.

Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale

like their siblings were like.

Name Oringin

It means Bella or Bell and it is rarely used in todays names.

Film Portrayal

Kelly Clarkson


This is who I would've choosen to play the part of Annabella. Kelly Clarkson, would've been an awesome vampire in the Twilight Saga.

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This is all fanfiction and she is not a character from the Twilight saga. This is my character that I would've like to add in the Twilight Saga. But it needs a little bit more work on it. So it is not complete but it is the start of it. Have fun doing yours.





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