Level One Questions

Bella & Edward
The Cullen family
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Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Esme, Carlisle, Carmen, Eleazar, Tanya, Kate and Irina at the wedding of Edward and Bella

Carlisle wallpaper for Scarly

Carlisle Cullen


Sam declaring that Edwards and Bellas child is a threat to both Sam's Pack and Jacob's Pack

  1. what is the name of the few vampires that were hunting Bella since Twilight?

    Edward, Bella and Jacob in The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part One

  2. what is the purpose of the volturi?
  3. Why is Bella left behind in New Moon?
  4. What four Volturi vampires came to forks after the Newborn vampire army?
  5. what does the following crest look like a) Cullen's b) Quilette c) Volturi?
  6. what is Renesmee Carlie Cullen
  7. Who created Edward, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett?

Level Two Questions

  1. Who created Jasper, Alice, Carlisle into a vampire?
  2. When was The Volturi formed and why is the purpose?
  3. How many vampires helped the Cullen's in breaking dawn?
  4. In the Twilight saga how do you kill a vampire?
  5. What is the process of making new vampires?
  6. Who almost kill Emily?
  7. What is the legend behind the cold ones?
  8. what is the treaty with the Cullen's and Shape shifter from la push?
  9. How many people where killed in Bella's dream with the little boys she was dreaming of and who were they?
  10. What happened to Jacob Black in Eclipse?
  11. What is the purpose behind The La Push Shape Shifters?
  12. What store was Bella working at in New Moon and Eclipse
  13. What did Bella buy Jacob in New Moon?

Level Three Questions

  1. When Bella was been transformed into a vampire, what happened when she was not aware of?
  2. How old was Edward, Emmett, Carlisle, Jasper, Alice, Esme, Rosalie and Bella when they were transformed into a vampire?
  3. Who was the first person to greet Bella in Twilight at Forks High School?
  4. What happens in Twilight?
  5. What happens in New Moon?
  6. What Happens in Eclipse

Level Four Questions

  1. What HAppens in Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2?
  2. What Happens in The Second Short Life Of Bree Tanner?
  3. Who created the Newborn Vampire Army and what was the purpose behind it?
  4. How many was killed in the fight between the Newborn Army and The Cullen's

Level Five Questions

  1. If you were Bella who would you choose and why?
  2. See how many characters you can list in at least 30 seconds
  3. How many vampires were there on the Cullen's side to witness that Renesmee is not an immortal child.
  4. When was These characters created into a vampire a)Victoria b) James c) Laurent d) Caius
  5. Seeing the Volturi for your own personal point of view what do you think of them, and are they doing their jobs correctly
  6. Reading the books, are they close to the movies.
  7. Counting from now how many days till the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part One comes out

Cullen’s are HOT!!!

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