I Like the Twilight Saga because of the characters like Edward, Bella, Esme, Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Renesmee. Because they all bring different situations into the atmosphere in the whole Twilight Saga. Which Stephenie Meyer has written to the best quality, all five movies were directed by the most fantastic directors ever, like Catherine Hardwicke directed Twilight (film) with the little money they had and it turned out to be blackbuster. Chris Weitz directed New Moon (film) extremely well. Because he has a talent like David Slade. Which he directed Eclipse (film) fangtastically awesome. With all the new characters and all the new people who helped make it and edit it did a really dapper job. Bill Condon directed both parts of Breaking Dawn (films). Which I am so excited to see. One is due out on the 17th Of November 2011, and part two is out next year on the 16th of November 2012. But even then who knows what is up the road for the Twilight series. like We could end up seeing The Second Short Life Of Bree Tanner be brought to life, like from book to film. Plus The Offical Guide To The Twilight Saga might be a book where it is pulled a part and they did separate movies for the main characters in it. We called actually see Jacobs mother and sisters Rebecca and Rachel Black .

If you are like me and would like to see all the Twilight books to be all released and would like to have their own copy to Midnight Sun which I think that Stephenie Meyer will end up finishing someday. Which I think will be another movie. But who knows what is gonna be happening? Even then when she is done writing it. We as fans would be ok if she didn't. Because of the draft was leaked on the net by some careless person. But like everything has it's ends. Like the whole Harry Potter franchise just finished up this year, like it had 11 years to film all seven books. Which the last one was made into Two movies, like Breaking Dawn is. But it will be a sad day when the whole Twilight Saga is all finished up. All dusted up and pushed to the side. I will be a forever and ever Twilight Fan and nothing is going to change this. So comment on this, to get your point of view on it. Did you like. I know I had a fun typing this.

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