thumb|300px|rightDear Twilight Fantantics,

This here a sneak peak from The TV Show Called Revenge and I truely hope you like it.

What have you noticed about the other trailers?
TeamTaycob has beaten me to the punch, but this was from his blog and I am liking what he has written about it.
this is from this blog about this:
And here I have a "Things I Noticed/Obvious Things I Noticed/Promo Run-Through" segment for you!
  1. New clip of Edward. He even says something from the book, though Edward sounds rather bored as he tells Bella this, but whatever.
  2. Ooh, Bella and Edward kiss.
  3. Elizabeth Reaser looks nice.
  4. Charlie has a little owl toothpick holder on the table....
  5. Bella and Edward are getting married in the woods...Like, what the heck? Doesn't Summit know that heels and dirt do not mix?
  6. Charlie's bow-tie still owns.
  7. New clips of Bella and Charlie! Yay!
  8. Pause at 0:23 (it's a shot at the wedding guests). Oh my gosh. Rosalie looks slightly annoyed, the rest of the Cullens look okay, Tanya's tall hair is owning this shot, Carmen and Eleazar look marvelous, and Kate looks a little funny. LOL, what are you lookin' at, Kate? I love how anyone who isn't a vampire in this shot looks pissed off or like they're about to fall asleep.
  9. Ashley Greene looks marvelous...of course.
  10. Pause at 0:27. It's another group shot. I can see: Stephenie Meyer; Mike and Jessica; Renee and Phil; Edward; the minister; Esme; Carlisle; Carmen; and Eleazar from the forehead up.
  11. Kristen Stewart has a nice natural eye color.
  12. Bella looks like she's about to pee her pants....
  13. Edward looks funny. Hee-hee.
  14. Taylor Lautner looks awesome as usual.
  15. Pause at 0:41. Mike looks spiffy! And Eleazar looks really, really tall. :O
  16. Charlie kissed Bella on the cheek! Awwwwww!
  17. Robert Pattinson laughs at his own joke.
  18. Bella looks relieved to see Edward.
  19. Taylor thinks the wedding is exciting.
  20. Kristen thinks it's beautiful.
  21. Edward: "I love you." Bella: "I love you." Me: *rolls eyes and opens up a new tab to go on Tumblr*
  22. Oooh, that's a sexy voice saying "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1". Well, not really.

If you want the you tube address to watch it click on this link below

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