‎1. What would you do with $ 1,000,000 dollars

a) would you spend it
b) save it.?

2. If you could do anything in the world what they be that be?

a) _____________________?
b) ____________________?
c) ____________________?

3. How many famous people have you meet?

a) heaps
b) more then a dozen
c) a Dozen
d) not a lot
e) none, waiting to meet the Twilight cast

4. When do you intend to do the craizest thing you have thought of?

a) In the next few hours
b) In the next few days
c) In the next few weeks
d) In the next few months
e) In the next few years
f) in the next few decades

5. Why do you think Jacob imprinted on Renesmee

a) just to annoy Edward
b) to find another soul mate
c) to save her from the pack and volturi
d) just to annoy Bella
e) To save Bella from kill her

6. What is on the Cullen crest?

7. How old do you think the Twilight Saga is?

8. What made Stephenie Meyer write The twilight Saga?

9. What songs that are on Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part Soundtrack?

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