==Kates Diary! ==

I need advice. There is this group of Newborn vampires that was released without proper training, are trying to expose us vampires. Should i visit the volturi to turn them in. What Should I do????? If you were me, what you choose. Risk our exposure to save them!!!!!!!!! or Turn them in!!!!!!.

It happened three days ago when all of a sudden this un-named vampire released three newborn vampires all on their own without the proper training and rule talking about the volturi. I was about to go out their and gather them up and destroy them myself. But their so called creater flung me againest the wall. I was able to shock him. But it seemed it didn't work. The only one I saw that was immune to my gift is Bella. But not a different person. I got back up and turned away. I told my family about it, but they were all too convicing.

Plus, I need to go to the Volturi anyway to search for my beloved Garrett. I miss him like crazy. I haven't been able to find him, I need to talk to the Volturi if they would send Demetri out to help me search for him. I love him, more then anything. I just wish I had my arms around him.

If you were me, and you were in the same position as myself what would you do? Would you turn in the newborn vampires. or would you risk of exposure.

Love from

Kate Denali

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