It has been four hundred years since I went to school, even though I looked over the age. I am now doing a degree in Law and criminal phycology. I getting support by my family. Carmen and Elazar think it will be something to keep me from been bored all the time. Irina and Tanya think I will be a good lawyer or even join the local Law Enforcement Agency here. In Alaska, they have got hardly any police officers. I think that a change is in the horizion.

Well I remeber this day all to well. My cousin, Edward got

married. To his Bella. I think they are a match. But I still think Tanya was a little bit jealous that day. But Who knows. Esme was explaining to us what Bella is like. Explaining that we would like her. Even if we didn't know her. But Irina, she was delighted to know that Edward had finally found is other half. Carman was the same. Because she has got Eleazar. Well I wonder when Tanya is going to find her other half. Irina I do hope the same. Sasha couldn't make it, because she was doing something for the volturi that day. But she sent her apologise. All of them accepted.

The reception went well, we all had to eat that foul human food. But we ended up throwing it back up with the blood we drank. But that night before we headed back home in Alaska we hunted. Just in case we were thirsty on the way back. We took the car. But even then, we couldn't sleep but we took turns. Edward and Bella sent this picture a few days ago, which I thought is really great! I envy them, though. I am missing my Garrett these days, I am having trouble contacting him. But I still love him, with all of my heart! i love my family to Carman, Eleazor, Tanya, Irina, Sasha, Edward, Emmett, Rose, Alice, Bella, Renesmee, Esme, Carlisle and I am starting to like the La Push Shape Shifters. Expecially Jacob, he is always a prankster. But nobody is as good as Emmett.


Carlisle had sent this picture to me, orders from Jacob himself. He is liking me, But only me. Why me. hmmmm, I wonder why?

So I am thinking about quitting my course, But even though I have quit one other course. But grrrrrrrr I must be getting really good at the course i am now doing. Diploma in Children's services and Early childhood education. But i am interested ever since my newest cousin was born Renesmee. I have new cousin again from Alice and Jasper. Elena. she is the most beautiful littlest girl I have ever seen since Renesmee.


I am getting really thirsty :( I need to hunt!

From Kate Denali


It is only 12 days till the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part One comes out.

Who is excited!!!!!! :D

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