If you were the one making The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part One Soundtrack what songs would you but in the movie and the soundtrack. The songs are not allowed to be from other Twilight movies and the songs have to be relevent to what goes in The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part One.

1. Are you ready for the Twilight Saga To end?

2. Are you excited to see it on the big screens?

3. Who are you mostly wanting to see in the movies?

4. What part is going to be your fave?

5. Do you think that Edward is good for Bella?

6. Who do you think is going to be not mentioned in the 2nd part?

7. As a Twi-Hard Fan are you ready to let go of The Twilight Saga and move on?

So who would you add to the soundtrack. What songs? It is your choice. Your the maker remeber.

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