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April 28, 2010
  • Crescent moon


    You have seen Volturi watching New Moon. Now for it's counterpart !


    (movie's not starting yet, wolf pack sit in a dark room)

    Jacob *curious* : What are we watching again?

    Sam *using his Alpha command voice* : I heard there was a movie called New moon. And as pack leader I order you to watch with me!

    Paul *complaining* : Sissy title I'm not watching it!

    Jared: Rachel said you cried watching "Little mermaid".

    Paul *caught off guard* : What !?!

    Embry: And "Sleeping Beauty".

    Quil *continuing Embry's phrase* : "And Bambi"...

    Paul *losing his temper* : Grrr...grrr..

    Sam *grabs Paul's arm* : Paul calm down or you're gonna ruin our movie night!

    Paul *Calms down and shouted* : ...I've never seen a Disney movie in my life!

    Sam: Then why do you keep a Buzz…

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  • Crescent moon
    • The Volturi went and their guard went to the throne room when they finished watching the movie Aro,Caius,Marcus sat on their thrones*

    Aro *calm* : Let discuss this matter seriously about the cloak massacre...

    Jane *sobbing* : I'm gonna miss my cloak, because it's the only one i ever had.

    Alec *sobbing* : Me too Jane! We had those cloaks since 1721!

    Marcus *looks dead* : .......

    Aro *trying to comfort Alec ad Jane sobbing for their cloaks* : There,there children don't be sad .

    Caius: Let's think this matter clearly. Who would own that yellow scarf?

    • Everyone is thinking hardly*

    Alec *thinking*: Umm..Felix would never wear a scarf he'll look hideous.

    Felix *irritated* : ..... {the reason why Felix would never attack Alec is that Alec would just cheat …

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  • Crescent moon
    • The Volturi sit in a dark room with their guard*

    Jane *curious* : What's it called again ?

    Alec *sarcastic* : New Moon.

    Aro *happily* : I decided that we all watch this together like a family!

    Caius *annoyed* : I told you before I'm not watching anymore of your Christmas specials on DVDs.

    Alec *sarcastic* : It's a film.

    Caius *curious* : Straight to the video?

    Alec *sarcastic* : Yes.

    Caius *annoyed* : I'm not watching it!

    Alec *being careful about what he's gonna say* : It's good...It's good...ish. And we're all in it!

    Aro: We're in the film and I haven't been paid yet! How the heck did this happen!!!

    Marcus *sarcatic and looks dead* : ....

    Jane *sarcastic* : You know,I don't remember being filmed for this not in a thousand years..

    Felix *sarcastic* : …

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  • Crescent moon


    May 17, 2010 by Crescent moon

    Hey it's me Crescent moon!

    guys i want to ask if there's anything you wanna see in my next fanfics so that i can add it!

    Feel free to comment anytime ok :)

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  • Crescent moon


    Ok my first fanfic! Go make them laugh!


    • movie's not yet starting the Twilight characters sit in a dark room*

    Bella *curious*: What are we doing here again?

    Carlisle: Well I heard ther is a movie called "Twilight". All of you know i don't want to watch this alone so I invited you guys to watch with me.

    Edward *curious* : You mean with real people ? Not illustrated characters?

    Roaslie: This is a joke! How can they possibly turn a DOG into a real person?

    Edward *laughing* : hahaha!

    Jacob *recalled something belatedly and ignores Rosalie* : Isn't there someone missing by the way?

    Jasper *sarcastic* : Not enough space in Edward's bedroom for Esme.

    Jacob *sarcastic*: She's totally useless anyways...

    Bella *shouting* : JAKE!

    Alice *seeing somethin…

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