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Wolf Pack watching New Moon


You have seen Volturi watching New Moon. Now for it's counterpart !


(movie's not starting yet, wolf pack sit in a dark room)

Jacob *curious* : What are we watching again?

Sam *using his Alpha command voice* : I heard there was a movie called New moon. And as pack leader I order you to watch with me!

Paul *complaining* : Sissy title I'm not watching it!

Jared: Rachel said you cried watching "Little mermaid".

Paul *caught off guard* : What !?!

Embry: And "Sleeping Beauty".

Quil *continuing Embry's phrase* : "And Bambi"...

Paul *losing his temper* : Grrr...grrr..

Sam *grabs Paul's arm* : Paul calm down or you're gonna ruin our movie night!

Paul *Calms down and shouted* : ...I've never seen a Disney movie in my life!

Sam: Then why do you keep a Buzz Lightyear action figure under your pillow?

Jacob *curious* : How do you know what he keeps under his pillow?

Sam and Paul *doesn't want to tell their friends* : Er....

Embry: Just put on the movie already!

(scene shows the title New moon)

Jared: New moon? I thought we we're watching full moon...

Sam *ignores Jared* : Ok we'll skip this part.

  • Sam presses skip button*

(Scene shows Edward explaining the Volturi in Carlisle study)

Jake *suprised* : Whoa! I didn't know that the Volturi looks more Creep tascular than the leeches here in Forks!

Quil *laughing* : Yeah. And look at that blonde Volturi guy he looks like a Barbie doll!

Embry: Hey does anyone know why the parasites wear gold clothes?

Paul: I know to attract attention by shining brighter than the usual standing in the yard with the sun overhead ! {remember a vampire skin sparkles in the sunlight}

All *laughing* : hahahaha!

  • Sam presses skip*

(Scene shows Edward kissing Bella)

Jacob *disgusted* : UGH!!!

Embry *disgusted* : ugh....{remember Embry doesn't like kissing scenes}

Embry *looks away from the screen* : Hey Jared wanna bet?

Jared *curious* : What bet is it?

Embry *excited* : That Paul will lose his temper! And bonus 5 bucks if he destroys something!

Jared *excited* : You're on! 10 bucks! and if he doesn't break anyting you owe me an adittional 5!

Paul *irritated* : .....

  • Jake steals remote and presses skip*

(Scene shows Sam carrying Bella)

Sam *points at the movie* : Look at me i look like a Superman saving Lois Lane!!!{Sam's childhood idol was Superman}

Quil: Yeah but you're half naked not like Superman who wears the whole costume.

Sam *suggesting* : You're right then I'll be the HulK then !

Paul: No you don't have green skin.

Sam *sarcastic* : Ok... nevermind Skip!

  • Jake presses skip button*

(scene shows Mike getting sick when the watched the "Punch Face" movie )

Quil: My guess is that guy peed on his pants cause he's scared!

Jacob: You know what that "punch face"{the movie they watched in New moon} movie wasn't really scary but a "punch wolf"{meaning Bella punching Jacob's face in the eclipse book} is more exciting!

  • Jake presses skip*

(Scene shows Bella riding a motorcycle and crashing)

Sam: If Bella is worse in driving a motorcycle...I bet she couldn't even ride a bicycle could she?

Jacob: Yeah i guess so , maybe even crossing the road is a challenge for her.

  • Jared steals remote and presses skip*

(Scene shows Jake bare chested climbing to Bella's Room)

Jake *points at the movie* : I'm Hot!!!

Sam: Of course you are. Running a tempreture of 105 or 109 celsius is hot and sweaty.

  • Jared presses skip*

(Scene shows Laurent saying Bella is mouthwatering)

Quil: In the movie did that bloodsucker say Bella is mouthwatering?

Embry: Yeah.

Quil *curious* : Then why am i seeing no saliva drooling in his mouth?

Jacob *sarcastic* : Cause he just swallowed it back to his throat...

Quil: Oh... {he pretends like he got the idea but really has no idea }

(Scene shows Jacob transforming into a wolf)

Jacob *shouting* : SUPER WOLF TRANSFORMATION GO!!!! {the reason why Jake loves Power Rangers is that they say cool transformation lines before they transform}

Embry *curious*: I didn't know we had to shout out that words to be a wolf....?

Jacob: No I was just want to have cool lines while transforming.

  • Jacob steals remote and presses skip*

(Scene shows Jacob almost kissing Bella)

Jacob *happy* : My favorite part of the movie!

Embry *disgusted* : Ugh..{remember Embry doesn't like kissing scenes}

(Scene shows the phone ringing stopping Jacob kissing Bella)

Jacob *irritated* : Stupid PARASITE calling out of nowhere! Always ruining my favorite part!

Embry,Quil,Paul *laughing* : Hahaha

Embry *relieved* : Whew glad that was stopped.

Jacob *annoyed* : ....

  • Jacob presses skip*

(Scene shows Jane in a black cloack and red eyes)

Jared *curious* : Who's that pint sized leech with sore eyes?

Paul *Alarmed* : SORE EYES !?! Better look away so I won't be infected by her disease.

Jared *sarcastic* : It's just a movie Paul...

  • Jacob presses skip*

(Scene shows Felix crushing Edward to the floor)

Jacob *envious* : Aww...I want to do that to him! Filthy Blood Sucker crushing him to the floor.

  • Paul steals remote and presses skip*

(scene shows Bella and Edward back in Forks)

Jacob: Wait! Let's go back a bit!

  • Paul presses skip*

(scene shows Aro asking to read Alice mind )

Jacob: Look at that leech! I think he was angry because he got dust in his hand!

Embry,Quil,Paul *laughing* : Hahahaha!

  • Paul presses skip*

(scene shows credits)

Paul *curious* : Do you think my wish will come true about being a werewolf spaceman in space?{ the reason why he has a Buzz Lightyear action figure under his pillow}

Sam *sarcastic* : NO.

Paul *angry and loosing his temper* : Grr......grrr...

  • Paul transformed into a wolf and destroyed the t.v. and the remote* {remember Paul still had the remote in his hand and LunaBella requested someone to break the t.v. well wish granted}

Jacob *reminds Paul of something* : Remember we just borrowed that t.v from Billy.

  • Paul transformed back into a human*

Paul *annoyed* : First I don't get my dream come I have to pay for a t.v. and a remote!

Embry *happy* : I won ! Jared you owe me 10 bucks! And plus 5 bucks for the broken t.v. and the remote!



The t.v that they borrowed from Billy is a flat screen t.v.


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