That's right... I'm leaving twilight. For good. That way, I'll never have to be screamed at by rabid jalice fans...

Oh, and I DON'T LIKE JASPER ANYMORE!!!!!!! Get the picture? You don't have to yell at me anymore!

When I wrote those blog posts, I was just venting my feelings. I was frustrated and confused, and I didn't know what I really wanted. Now, I know what direction I want to go in... and it doesn't include Jasper. It includes the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Yep, that's right... I'm a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fan! FOR GOOD! FOREVER!

It's been fun being hated by u guys... (yeah right) but it's took heck out of my self-esteem. I sunk so low into denial, I felt like there was a hole in my heart. A big one.

Well, Team jalice, you've had your fun verbally abusing me. Now it's over. I don't want any mean comments anymore.

You hear me? IT'S OVER!!!


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