Hey, everybody! Beautiful day, isn't it? :-)

I just wanted to say to the people who hate me: WHY? I'm friends with Alice now! I even capitalized her name!

I was reading over some of the comments on my other blog posts; you guys can be mean! (Oh, and keep in mind, I'm JUST talking to the people who left hate comments on my other blog posts. I'm saying THIS to the people who tried to stop those guys: YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!) I was really hurt by some of those comments. Particularly the constant stream of "You're crazy," or "You haven't even read the books, you moron!" or anything like that. (Well, almost ALL the comments were like that, so I was REALLY, REALLY hurt.) :-(

To anyone who hates me, wants to hurt me, is going to put hate comments on this post, etc.: PLEASE STOP!

OK. Thank you for your time, everyone.

<3<3<3 Peace, Love, and Twilight


P.S. Oh, and to you people who are confused about this: I'M A GIRL.

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