• Corin II

    Opposite abilities ?

    December 18, 2010 by Corin II

    if the opposite of Telepathy (edward's ability) is tactile Telepathy( Renesmee's ability)

    what would the opposite if Benjamin's, Alice's, Or even Chelsea's abilities be? if all of them had hybrid childerin (well Benjamin still can)

    what opposite ability would the hyrbid kids have?

    i though for Alice's ability reversed mybe like "touching something, then having a vision about its past", seeing the past rather then future.

    Benjamin??? i have no idea, i'm stumped. Anyone have any idea's??

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  • Corin II

    Vampires (deit)

    November 17, 2010 by Corin II

    Its shown in Breaking Dawn as well as in "the short second life of bree tanner" the nature of how appealing and un-appealing human and animal blood is. Specifically During Bella's first Hunt. Animal blood is explain in detail

    It shows why a majority of vampires do not adhire to a deit of animal blood. Seeing this if you were turned would you adhire to strict diet of Animal blood? and you simply caint say "yes" as not many have the restraint nor the tolerance for it. such a thing. And especially not you..

    i dislike it when other's say "i would be a like the cullens", beacse their the good guys" or the good vampires.

    The cullens have restraint and even more tolerante, to live life with a diet that is eqavalent to "tofu".

    If i turned i would not …

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