Werewolf hybrid

Though not in the twilight seires and very rare the werewolf and vampire hybrid is one of the most powerful creatures on the planet.


These rare hybrids are even more rare than their human/vampire hybrid cousins. And they can not be made by a vampire and werewolf biting a human at the same time (that human will become a werewolf because their venom is stronger than a vampires and will kill the vampire venom), nor by a male vampire and female werewolf mating. The only way to make this type of hybrid starts out the same way as a human/ vampire hybrid is made. 

A male vampire must impregnate a human female. And she must be unprotected during the full moon, and she must be bitten by a Child of the Moon and survive. She would then become a werewolf and the human half of the child will become infected by the venom of the werewolf and will take over that half. The mother will be able the heal from the damage the child is doing to her ribcage and will be strong enough to fend for herself.

However, the pregnancy will speed up for faster and she will give birth to the child in less than a week after being bitten. And no matter how strong their mother may now be, they will not survive it. A week after they are born these hybrids are physically three years old, and will be fully grown at the age of three years old, instead of the seven years that it takes for their human hybrid cousins.


These hybrids have truly god-like beauty. They are far more beautiful than any vampire or werewolf. They have pale skin like vampires and the golden eyes of their werewolf ancestors. But other wise have the similar features of their mother and father. 

Though they smell mostly like vampires, they also have the heightened scent of werewolves that makes them more  atractive to others.

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