I have to say that one month after I saw Breaking Dawn prt 1 I have to write about how pleased I was with the movie. This is absolutely the first. I usually spend all my time moaning about what they left out or didn't get it. :) aaaahhh

It wasn't identical to the movie, but it was very close. They got most all the important parts in it. One big thing missing was the humor of Jacob's point of view. But because his point of view was all in his head, it would have been very hard to do. And I am sure that after I get finished watching a few bajillion times, I will find some other stuff...but I am very satisfied. I was very pleased with the soundtrack. With most of the songs love songs, it was fitting for the first part of the movie. Especially the fact that Bella's lullaby was sprinkled throughout . I have griped about the fact that the lullaby was not in the other movies when it was a big part of all the books. I know that copy writes and legal stuff was probably the reason, but it still

I think that the combination of time and having Stephenie as a co producer, the combination gave us what we needed. I loved the movie and will see it again this week..counting the days until the dvd comes out.

Of course counting the months to the end of our saga. I am one of those weird ones that love the books better and have trouble when the movie doesn't fit. But this obsession of mine has taught me many things.

Thank you Steph for the ride... I hope to see more from you in the coming months and years.

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