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Savannah Hunter (born Savannah Hope Pierce, born 1895) is the matriarch of Deidara's coven. She is the wife of Nathan Hunter and the mother of Sinaed Pierce-Hunter. Savannah is also considers herself as the "mother-in-vamp-law" of Chrys.


Early Life

Savannah was a fair maiden during _______. She was a "heartbreaker" and was known as the prettiest girl in the world. During that time, vampire Deidara was interested in this speculation, looking for more power for her new coven, and visited Savannah's home town, Venus (a small town in present-day New York). While in town, Deidara was able to subdue Savannah with a hazy hallucination and then turned her. Savannah awaken a vampire. She then went on a rampage and fed on the whole town, she then wiped Venus out of modern-day history. After the rampage Savannah starved herself, she wanted to see her family, without feeding on them. While looking at her family from the outside her sister, Amber, cut her finger, trying to sew a dress. This set off the hungry vampire, Savannah then attacked her family, she drained them and after finishing her mother off, she bit her sister, Amber. She was able to control her thirst enough to not drain her sister dry.

More and more centuries pasted, and she fought off Deidara's control, and went on her own. She fed on human men (and some women) and due to being a beautiful creature and seemed god-like, common men named her Aphrodite.

In 1970, Savannah traveled to France (the city of love), and while in the French Alps, during the avalanche, she discovered that humans have been trapped in the snow. She then drains them, but stumbles upon a human named Nate. He was on the verge and Savannah wasn't sure if she could create a vampire. And before she bite him, Deidara appeared. Savannah pleased with her creator to turn him, and Deidara proposes that they join her coven, Savannah declines, and snatches Nate and takes him to the hospital. Soon he survives and meets Savannah, who has tracked him down. They form a life together, but one day, his fragile spine, weakened by the avalanche, snaps during love-making.

Nate and Savi

Savannah manages to get Nate into a safe position and help him through the painful experience. And calls on Deidara once again. This time Deidara accepts on the same: condition that they join her coven. This time Savannah accepts, and Deidara turns. She and Nate joins her. And for a couple of years, they participate in minor things, such as wars where she soon finds out that her power has latched onto Nate and the love they have produce a baby. She wanted to abort the baby, somehow, but Nate convinced her he would not flee from her and that he felt even more in love.

Savannah names the baby "Sinaed" and they set out to live in Deidara's coven.

They stay happy and wishes to expand their coven. But they know that Deidara is looking for power, something for centuries, she can't find. Until March of 2012.

Newborn Vampires

Savannah is notified that there will be a new member to the coven. While Deidara waits with the rest of the coven for Chrys to wake, Nate, Savannah, and Sinaed hunt. By the time Chrys awaken, she and her family have fed. Savannah has some alone time with Chrys and, with the rest of the coven, introduces her to the vampire world.

After two years, she and Chrys form a sister-mother-daughter relationship. Sinaed is then reported to the Volturi and travel to the Cullen's territory. The coven then run and fight off the Cullens, believing that they all must die. Savannah attacks and "kills" Marcus, but in the end, Sinaed is killed by Aro. They meet up other covens to clean up the mess. Using their gifts to clean, distract, and help out Deidara's coven.

Physical Appearance


Savannah is tall and attractive. Her hair is long, dark, and flowing. Savannah looks like a young middle class suburban housewife Chrys describes her as having skin "like a plum". She is six feet tall with a "strategically rounded body." She will be forever 19 years old. She is round faced with a chalky pale complexion, and had dark blue eyes, and now has crimson red.


Savannah is an extremely warm individual who is gifted with the ability to love the people around her passionately. She has always had strong maternal instincts, which is why she is able to open her heart so easily.

She is described as being as intelligent as her husband, and a very kind and gentle person. The people around her are genuinely drawn toward her gentle personality.

Powers and Abilities

Savannah is not as skilled at fighting as Nathan, Deidara or Chrys. This is probably due to her loving nature - meaning she most likely hasn't had to fight much in her life. However, Savannah should not be underestimated in battle, showed she is more than capable of fighting if needs be.  

Love Inducement


Main Article: Love Inducement

Savannah has the ability to induce love into others. It can be love for the her or love for another person. Effects will vary depending on Savannah's mental strength: Those subjected to this ability may develop a strong infatuation for her but will remain in control of themselves, or they may feel so much love for Savannah that they have an intense desire to make them happy, becoming completely submissive to them. The effect is usually instant, but in some cases it may slowly take effect the more the victim meets Savannah/another.


Nathan Hunter

"He brings out the good in me."
―Savannah's feelings for Nate.
Savi isin love

Nathan Hunter is Savannah's husband. He is a vampire, who has chosen to drink human blood.

When Nathan and Savannah first realize their strong feelings for each other, Savannah thinks that it is her power, and does not believe or consider herself as being worthy of his love. Nathan first became fascinated with her due to his attraction for her appearance. Savannah subsequently is very fascinated with his physique, and skills, and the purity of his heart. Nathan proposes to Savannah prior to Newborn Vampires and she accepts.

During their time in the war, Nate and Savannah conceive an immortal child. During the birth, she survives. But it takes her a year to fully recover from the events of the birth. After she heals they live together, presumably forever, as husband and wife with their daughter, Sinaed.


Savannah is extremely loyal toward her creator, Deidara, and acts as her second in command despite her relative youth as a vampire.

Chrys Lovell


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