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  • I live in Westeros, Gatlin, Panem, Mystic Falls, Hogwarts, Rosewood, Bon Temps, Collinsport, RMS Titanic, Defiance, The X-Manison, Camp Half-Blood, Ravenswood, Miss Robichaux's Academy, Beacon Hills
  • My occupation is Being the true bloodline of the Targaryens
  • I am a vampire Khaleesi of the Dothraki and heir to the Targaryen dynasty, Supreme, working in the Ministry
  • ChrysieeBoo Lovely

     I suggested that the admins change the wikia scheme color based on a 

    poll by you: THE USERS!

    To see the page please click here

    Also I know this sounds self-centered, but this was ALL my doing! Thanks to me! And you guys to..... So I hope  you recgonize!


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  • ChrysieeBoo Lovely


    HEY! It's me, so I guess you know about my fanfic! So I have written 5 chapter a

    already (need links ask in the comments below) 

    If you want to sign up to be in it please enter it right here!

    Here is the format:








    Back Story:


    Physical Appearance:


    Here are all the character already in it!

    Name Image Full Name Born Turned Perpetual Age Special Ability
    by an unknown vampire

    Savannah Pierce
    Savannah Hope Pierce Hunter February 20, 1200s
    in Venus, New York
    by Deidara
    19 Love Inducement
    Nate Hunter
    Nathan Hunter 1895
    in Columbia, Ohio
    by Savannah Pierce
    24 Geographic Vision
    Sinaed Pierce-Hunter
    Sinaed Pierce-Hunter 2009 2009 18 Molecular Immobilization
    Chrys Lovell
    Chrystinia Lo…

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  • ChrysieeBoo Lovely

    This page is currently undergoing CONSTRUCTION.


    If you have a character in my fanfic, please post down in the comments if you want to be

    in it please visit here, to make one!

    Savannah Hunter (born Savannah Hope Pierce, born 1895) is the matriarch of Deidara's coven. She is the wife of Nathan Hunter and the mother of Sinaed Pierce-Hunter. Savannah is also considers herself as the "mother-in-vamp-law" of Chrys.

    Savannah was a fair maiden during _______. She was a "heartbreaker" and was known as the prettiest girl in the world. During that time, vampire Deidara was interested in this speculation, looking for more power for her new coven, and visited Savannah's home town, Venus (a small town in present-day New York). While in town, Deidara was a…

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  • ChrysieeBoo Lovely

    Hey guys! It's the lovliest Chrys around! I love gifs and I know so do others!

    Post a gif that you like, tell me what you want on it and........


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