1. The characters are Bloody Amazing!
  2. This Amazing world of Vampires and Warewolves:) you never want to Escape!
  3. I connect with Bella on every level!
  4. The Drama thats inside the books are Overpowering:)
  5. Im wanting to know what happends next, even if ive read the books already:)
  6. The Covers are Beautiful!
  7. They hold a Magical Love Story, the kind of love story that Any Women Desires:)
  8. The kind of books that make you Cry, because you Feel like your there.
  9. The kind of books that make you wish they were your reality.
  10. These books, The story, draws you in, theres nothing more Beautiful then this story, its filled with Power,Love, Hate, Jealousy,and Fate,Hope,Saddness, but mostly Magic:)

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