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    I Give Up

    June 17, 2013 by Chocolate Bunneh

    Have any of you ever noticed that when you edit a blog, make it all nice and pretty, that it soon goes back to the way it was?  That has been happening to me.  I  try to make the articles on this wiki accurate and gramatically correct, but apparently, some people (I am NOT pointing fingers)  decide that they don't like that, and change it back to what they think is right.

    I am not trying to place blame, or whataver.  But when you have sites like this, it is important that the information you put down be well presented, and coincide with official documents.  If anyone reading this does not like what I've written, I'm sorry.  This was not put here as a slap to the face, it was put here so I could get it out of my system.  And  now I'm done

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  • Chocolate Bunneh

    Ok, I know have heard about the recent tampering with the pages and all that, but seriously! I thought we were past that. I just edited the Charles Evenson's page and corrected who he was killed by, the Sugar Plum Fairy and Tom Cruise.

    I know that there may be pages that we haven't caught yet, but come on people. A lot of us work hard to make this wiki accurate, and we don't need someone going around and messing with the pages!!

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