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  • Charmed-Jay

    Book glitches

    August 9, 2010 by Charmed-Jay

    There are certain glitches in the books that make you question.

    At the end of New Moon, Bella says that Edward's return was like the last "eight" months never happened, but in Eclipse, Jacob said that she jumped off a cliff in March. Since he disappeared after her birthday, which was in September, then eight months later would be May, and not March.

    Also, when Victoria tried to escape in Eclipse, Edward caught her and killed her. If Victoria had self-preservation, she should've felt the danger and evaded it.

    I don't know what more glitches there are, but there's probably more.

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  • Charmed-Jay

    ATTENTION: This is for you to be able to express what power you would like to have. You're free to pick a power from Twilight, but the main point is for you to choose something outside the box.

    My power:
    I choose the power of absolute illusion. The ability to trick the five senses in any way I desire. This power will be stronger than Jane, Alec, Kate and Zafrina combined. With it I can create a completely new reality. Mostly I would use it for entertainment, but if the situation is needed, I'll use it in battle or other means.

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