I have to say, this is weird. I like Harry Potter, it's a great series filled with complex, likeable characters and an interesting plot. It's no secret that I dislike Twilight, I find Bella to be shallow, mean and whiny and Edward to be abusive, murderous and sociopathic. Now comes the weird part: The fanfiction. I actually like Twilight fanfics, most writers manage to actually make Edward and Bella sympathetic). Harry Potter fanfics on the other hand are often written by lunatics. We have such "wonderful" fics as My Immortal, about the "totly goffik" Enoby, Family Matters, filled with nudism and Emo Harry who whines all the time and then there's...The Hogwarts Exposed series, written by an author so vile that he makes Stephenie Meyer look like a brilliant and talented author. Don't read it. Seriously, don't.