Okay, well this is my first blog ever so... Yeah... My name is Robyn Cullen-Black and I will be posting my hilarious stories on this blog!

Who wants to here why I was transformed? Just comment and I'll try to get back. Thanks to whoever might be reading this! Please leave a comment! I won't bite....hard...:-)

Robyn's Awakening

When the burning finally ceased, all that remained was in my throat. It was like a forest fire blazing across the land, leaving nothing behind but ashes. " Hey Carlisle, I think she's awake!" "Well, just leave her alone. She might not like to be disturbed right now." "Well, Carlisle, how will she know she's a vampire if we never tell her?" WHAT?!?!?! I kept listening in " Soon she will wake up, then we will tell her." This is too wierd!!! And what kind of name is Carlisle? It sounds like one of those names you see in the history books. "Wait a minute... SHE'S UP!!!" Oh, crud... RUN!!! A voice in the back of my head screamed.

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