• CarlisleCullen1640

    Okay, well this is my first blog ever so... Yeah... My name is Robyn Cullen-Black and I will be posting my hilarious stories on this blog!

    Who wants to here why I was transformed? Just comment and I'll try to get back. Thanks to whoever might be reading this! Please leave a comment! I won't bite....hard...:-)

    When the burning finally ceased, all that remained was in my throat. It was like a forest fire blazing across the land, leaving nothing behind but ashes. " Hey Carlisle, I think she's awake!" "Well, just leave her alone. She might not like to be disturbed right now." "Well, Carlisle, how will she know she's a vampire if we never tell her?" WHAT?!?!?! I kept listening in " Soon she will wake up, then we will tell her." This is too wierd!…

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