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  • I was born on December 8
  • My occupation is Being cute and loving friends
  • I am A Gal!
  • CarlaCullen

    All gather round!

    December 28, 2011 by CarlaCullen

    Hey guys.

    I could ramble and argue and make this blog post doing the Cry baby (KEY OF AWESOME!) But the rivalry between Harry Potter and Twilight has not ended but us Twi Hards are taking a step forward (I'm 99% Twi Hard 1% Harry Potter fan thing)


    Enjoy my friends!

    Keep your chins up!

    Carla xx

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  • CarlaCullen

    Me: Guys I found something!

    Everyone: What, show us.

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  • CarlaCullen

    Hiya guys!

    October 25, 2011 by CarlaCullen

    Hiya guys. I just want to make somethin really clear. As some of you may know I can't choose between Edward, Jacob and Bella, so I'm... TEAM ALICE :D . Also, you may notice my profile picture is a little odd. I'm a BIG Sonic The Hedgehog fan. AND, if you get to know me, you may just think I'm random, and I'm proud of that.

    Carla x

    Also: I'm Ashley Greene's hyperest, most biggest fan ever!

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  • CarlaCullen

    A day in the Cullen house with all of the character that BELONG TO STEPHENIE MEYER (And My character! No flames now children. Let's play nicely)

    Part 1 Carlisle:

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  • CarlaCullen

    Rosalie's diary

    August 1, 2011 by CarlaCullen

    Dear Diary

    Today was the worst a of my life, Emmett left for an all boys hunting trip! I have to stay at home looking after Alice because if you didn't know, she had a baby and is now as lazy as hell! I pressured her to go outside shopping. All the human boys think I'm a godess. I love that attention, but Esme says that I shouldn't be so 'vain' VAIN! I dont even know the meaning of the word. Jasper prank called me on a pay phone pretending to be a perv. He must be really be letting go. If only I could let go like that. I wish Bella would go hunting with me, she just keeps smiling into distance space. I hope she wakes up soon. I ALSO hope Alice stops being a lazy butt. AND I hope Emmett comes back soon. It's lonely in my house.

    Rosalie Lillia…

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