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December 4, 2010
  • I live in Forks, Washington
  • I was born on December 8
  • My occupation is Being cute and loving friends
  • I am A Gal!
  • CarlaCullen

    Dear diary,

    Today was really scary. So today, I was at school which is right nextto my parents. They were in a total make out fest! Up a wall! When they saw me looking, Momma smiled and Daddy chuckled. Daddy and Momma cuddled me. Then Aunt Rosie and Uncle Emmy Bear totally did it in the living room. So I'm just in my room watching Little Bear on Nick jr. Also Uncle Emmy Bear's dog Buster peed on my bed! To make my day spiral out of control, James watched me change into my P.E kit in school. I am going to visit Nessie tomorrow since my school and the Rez school have the day off. Yes, Ness,Jacob and Sethie all go to the rez school in La Push. And, something else. Today wasn't any old day, it was Jacob's ungrowing 21st birthday! I…
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  • CarlaCullen

    Alice's diary

    December 4, 2010 by CarlaCullen

    Dear Diary,

    I have just lost my brain and my braveness. I had a horrible vision that Carla (my daughter) was being held captive by the Newborn Army. Yes the annoying bunch are back. Oh crap! I can smell something so bad. It's a wolf. I know it is. I look down and see Jacob hanging onto the window. I raise an eyebrow and shut the window on his smelly fingers. I hear a thud and an 'Ow, stupid vampire!' I laugh happily when my husband Jasper walks in holding Carla. "I heard a noise you OK, Beautiful?" Jasper says trying to keep Carla from wriggling. "Yeah, you know the song Who Let The Dog's Out, I did" I say giggling. Jasper passes Carla to me. Carla is only 10 months old so she's only just learned to laugh. "Do you think we should help him?…

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