Dear Diary

             Today was the worst a of my life, Emmett left for an all boys hunting trip! I have to stay at home looking after Alice because if you didn't know, she had a baby and is now as lazy as hell! I pressured her to go outside shopping. All the human boys think I'm a godess. I love that attention, but Esme says that I shouldn't be so 'vain' VAIN! I dont even know the meaning of the word. Jasper prank called me on a pay phone pretending to be a perv. He must be really be letting go. If only I could let go like that. I wish Bella would go hunting with me, she just keeps smiling into distance space. I hope she wakes up soon. I ALSO hope Alice stops being a lazy butt. AND I hope Emmett comes back soon. It's lonely in my house.

Rosalie Lillian Hale xx

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