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Alice's diary

Dear Diary,

I have just lost my brain and my braveness. I had a horrible vision that Carla (my daughter) was being held captive by the Newborn Army. Yes the annoying bunch are back. Oh crap! I can smell something so bad. It's a wolf. I know it is. I look down and see Jacob hanging onto the window. I raise an eyebrow and shut the window on his smelly fingers. I hear a thud and an 'Ow, stupid vampire!' I laugh happily when my husband Jasper walks in holding Carla. "I heard a noise you OK, Beautiful?" Jasper says trying to keep Carla from wriggling. "Yeah, you know the song Who Let The Dog's Out, I did" I say giggling. Jasper passes Carla to me. Carla is only 10 months old so she's only just learned to laugh. "Do you think we should help him?" I say cuddling Carla in her sleep. "No, leave him there. he'll be fine" Jasper says.

See you Diary

Love Alice Cullen x

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