A day in the Cullen house with all of the character that BELONG TO STEPHENIE MEYER (And My character! No flames now children. Let's play nicely)

Part 1 Carlisle:

In the morning I get dressed to go to work,kiss Esme goodbye and creep out of the house before the kids come out of their rooms. This is followed by a hectic day at work because of all the flirty nurses, annoying patients and long hours. But sometimes the patients are quite nice, I had a woman who always smiles when I come to check on her. But when I get home, all hell breaks loose. Alice is begging to get Rose to go shopping with her, Rosalie goes moody, Edward prances around the house like a hippy and Jasper and Emmett normally use the best furniture as wrestling props. When Esme comes home from spending quality time with Leah or Nessie, she screams the place down and everyone stops. Esme really know how to look after kids. Two or three are OK but six! Not so easy. After hunting, the kids all go up to their room. Esme and I go to our room and talk about our day before going for a walk in the forest until the morning where all of these events happen all over again!

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