• Camilla.Cullen

    Wow it's less than a year until the last movie f\of the saga is out in theaters all over the world! I can't wait for the movie, and I have some special sceenes that I can't wait to see on the big screen. We all have those scenes we just fall in love with and that we feel home in.

    So I was wondering wich seen are you looi g most foreward to see on the big screen??

    For myself I can't wait for the scene when Bella and Edward goes hunting for the first time:) For me that scene showed me happiness because they were happy. After everything they had been through, they ran in the woods and laughted

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  • Camilla.Cullen

    The twilight movies is moving foreward too the end:( yeah it's super sad!!!!

    They are shooting the two last movies now:'(

    But even though the twilight movies are don't mean that Twilight its over.

    Twilight will alwasy be in my heart and a part of my world

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