Hahaha, wannna hear a really pathetic first blog? I've been trying to get the "whole month on the wikia!" badge so I've been contributing every day for the past twenty-six days. Well right now is the twenty-seventh day and I'm in the Pacific Dunes RV Resort in Oceano California with my aunt, uncle, mom, younger sister, cousin and grandmother. I knew that I'd be coming here so I brought my grandparents laptop (technically my grandfather told me not to take it but my grandmother said it was okay so we brought it anyways). And today when I tried to turn it on, it wouldn't connnect to the internet so right now I'm typing this out through my aunt's cell phone (which is hard because I've never used the internet through a cell phone before.) It took me about ten minutes just to log on because the wikia log in is case-sensitive and for a while I couldn't get the "G" in "Calico Girl2" to become a capital letter. After logging in, I tried to edit a spelling mistake on one of the pages but I think I accidentally deleted something instead? But I don't even know that for sure either. So I decided to type this out just in case I did so that I could say "I'm sorry" in advance. Or maybe I didn't mess anything up after all and I'm just making myself sound stupid right now? Haha I don't know what I'm doing right now and I'm really really sorry for being so stupid and this screen is really tinyso I'm sorry if this blog thing has any mistakes in it because it probably does. Another thing is that right after editing that page, I checked my user page and it says I'm back at 1/30 again?! How did that happen? Is there any way to fix it because I haven't missed any days. Maybe the website is just acting weird today or I can't see it right because I'm using a cell phone?

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