aka Brittany Warner

  • I live in Eastpoint,Georgia
  • I was born on December 8
  • I am girl
  • Brittanyatwilightfan

    I love twilight!!!! i thought i wouldnt like it the first time i heard of it, but i love it!!! when it first came out and i saw it, i was hooked right away, and i will NEVER let it go!!! the saga is almost to an end and i'll be very very sad... im really gonna miss it!!! GO TEAM EDWARD!!!! people in my school says he's lame but i think he's AWESOME, and bella's really lucky to have a husband like him.... i wish i was her sometimes!! she's so strong and wise....she has done things even i didnt believe she could do, but she proved me and alot of other people WRONG!!!! way to got, BELLA CULLENS!!!!

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