WARNING: This is a work of fanfiction created by myself for entertainment purposes. I mean no disrespect to Stephenie Meyer, and wrote this sequel to the Twilight Saga purely for fun. Please leave constructive criticism and comments only, and enjoy!


I'd never been truly afraid in my life. Never so terrified that my heart stopped, that my blood froze in my veins, that I became a rigid, motionless statue so incapable of movement that I couldn't even scream. Because up until now, there had never been anything remotely scary to trouble my peaceful existence. Sure, there had been stuff that made me so mad I could have killed someone, but fear was something alien to me.

Now though, I was completely and utterly paralyzed with terror. My mind was screaming that I should run, but my body was stubbornly refusing. Any second now, the great beast not ten feet away would realise that I was here, and then that would be the end of my pathetically short, pointless life.

A snarl ripped from the monster's jaws, the sound so ferocious that I jumped almost a foot. That was when my body seemed to wake up, and I clamped my hands to my mouth only a second too late to muffle the piercing scream that rang out as clear as a bell in the silent forest.

They both whipped around, the huge animal and the boy beside him, their frantic gazes searching the trees – and coming to rest of me. I screamed again, then without hesitating turned and ran, not caring where I was headed as long as I could escape the madness I was leaving behind, my instincts for self-preservation taking over. There was a shout from the boy and in one great leap, the monster was in front of me, its muzzle pulled back to reveal a line of dagger-like fangs dripping with saliva.

There you are, the preface of my FanFic novel about the last La Push wolf to transform. I will be publishing the first few chapters of Twilight Saga Wiki, and please leave any comments and advice about how I could improve the story!

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