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    WARNING: This is a work on fanfiction, created for entertainment purposes only. I mean no disrespect to Stephenie Meyer, and wrote this sequel to the Twilight Saga purely for fun. Please read the preface and Chapter 1 before reading this chapter. Leave constructive criticism and advice and enjoy!

    2. SUNSET

    My first few days living in La Push were uneventful and tedious, mostly spent unpacking what seemed like millions of carboard boxes and finding places to put all my junk. My vanity and the shelf above my bed were rapidly groaning under the weight of sixteen years' worth of crap, and I just about managed to stuff all my clothes in the closet. Billy dropped round every day and was frustrated that he couldn't be of any help, but I only saw Jac…

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    WARNING: This is a work of fan fiction. Please read my preface to the novel before reading the first chapter, and give constructive advice and criticism. Above all, enjoy!


    I sat staring out of the window, listening to some shouty punk band on my iPod, when I felt a bump and realized that we had landed. My mother, who was asleep in the seat next to me, woke with a jolt and stretched her long, thin arms.

    "Are we there already?"

    "Looks like it."

    It had been sunny back in Philly, but here in Port Angeles, in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, it was pouring with rain, despite it being early August. I sighed, and for the millionth time wondered what had made my mother decided to move back to the place where she had grown up:…

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    WARNING: This is a work of fanfiction created by myself for entertainment purposes. I mean no disrespect to Stephenie Meyer, and wrote this sequel to the Twilight Saga purely for fun. Please leave constructive criticism and comments only, and enjoy!


    I'd never been truly afraid in my life. Never so terrified that my heart stopped, that my blood froze in my veins, that I became a rigid, motionless statue so incapable of movement that I couldn't even scream. Because up until now, there had never been anything remotely scary to trouble my peaceful existence. Sure, there had been stuff that made me so mad I could have killed someone, but fear was something alien to me.

    Now though, I was completely and utterly paralyzed with terror. My mind …

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